Job Title: WRITER!

As many or most of you perhaps don’t know since I am a spaz at consistency (when did I last post here?), I got a job with a local parenting newspaper as a freelance writer/columnist! Remember that cheeky, not-too-professional letter I mentioned months ago? I used that baby to actually get a job writing. Job. As in, I’m getting paid. Doing what I do best. Doing what I love.

So why is it so hard to actually do it?

I mean, I’ll be driving down the road (as opposed to the field? Tarmac?) on rare occasions when my noise makers aren’t with me, and I’ll be so caught up in my writing in my head – full essays, short stories, brilliant ideas for articles – that I forget that I’m even driving. I sometimes forget that I’m breathing, too, and find myself sighing repeatedly because my breathing had been shallow while I was thinking so hard . . . is that weird?

I find that I’m not really all that good at writing when I want to/need to, but I’m super great at keeping up on the chores in the home like laundry, dishes, reading Facebook, dinners and brushing the cat. I FREAKING LOVE WRITING, so why the heck can’t I make myself do it?

I am trying out a new schedule in the coming weeks. It’s not going to be pretty, and neither am I because of it, but with three boys that need nearly constant attention and a hubby that needs almost as much, I have no choice but to wake myself at 5 am to get some writing done. Remember that whole song and dance about New Year resolutions? Seems like I’ll be repeating it again this year.

So, for anyone interested, below are the links for my articles in Toledo Parent News. Please feel free to read the entire issue – yes, it’s a local paper written for and about Toledoans, but it is a plethora of knowledge and camaraderie for all parents, regardless of locale. And, amidst my excitement for the freelancing position I got, I was told that I would also be allowed (what am I, six? What’s a better word for allowed in this context?) to also write my own column! It runs every other month when space allows and is titled – big surprise here – Alphabet Soup Mama, of course! Finally! Some writing income to counter the dough I need to spend to not let myself look like my kids are kicking my ass!

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